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Render, since founded in 2010, we have been dedicated to be respectable provider for high-tech healthcare solution from China, with the goal of delivering Innovative,high-quality, effective priced medical devices to make healthcare more elegant,accessible and affordable.

Render focus on ICU solution and In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) product's development,manufacture,marketing and service. the products and service covers following:
Life support and Patient monitor system for ICU: Anesthesia Machine, Ventilator, Electrosurgical Unit, Patient Monitor.
In Vitro Diagnostic: Automated Blood Culture system, Microbiology system for ID&AST, MALDI-TOF for microbiology,Smart POCT system, Urine analyzer, Coagulation analyzer and their consumables.
more new products like POCT chemiluminescence analyzer and TEG system as well as the reagents will be launching soon.

Render, we are at our fast growing steps to build up distribution&technical service network around international market, the products can already be found in more than 59 countries and regions in Asia Pacific,Middle East,Africa, South America as well as part of Europe.

Render continues to grow with innovation and provide top quality healthcare products and service to the world.